Pokemon X and Y Beta testing downloader ROM june 2013

pokemon rom download installer

Pokemon X and y Rom installer

** Play it with 3DS ROM Simulator**

Dev. team

Changelog installer:
 - Pokemon xy version 13.498
  - added better hardware acceleration
  - update the downloader for latest version .3ds file
  - generated key valid 24 hours for better testing
  - works with latest 3ds simulator 1.5.67


1 Download the download installer to create ROM
2 Download game
3 Download 3DS Simulator.
4 Generate a valid code to get the ROM work with the Simulator.
5. Enjoy playing!
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DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!!  ONLY Limit offer to 1000 testers.

Pokemon Beta testing ROM installer update: 21 june 2013
DL count: 758/1000
3DS Simulator v 1.5.67
DL count : 709/1000